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Remembering colleagues we lost to cancer this year

20 December 2019

As we approach the Christmas holiday, the New Year and a new decade I wanted to reflect on two great characters the AV industry lost to cancer recently.

Firstly Abigail Brown whom, Kevin McLoughlin worked very closely with and had the following to say;

'I first became aware of Abigail when I joined Twitter several years ago and was immediately inspired

by her energy and bright outlook on life which she generously shared for all while she promoted her

work in AV recruitment and in her insatiable appetite for networking. Following her taking over the

reins of the Women in AV UK South group I was lucky enough to work with her on many events. I

watched her single-handedly keep the group going and sustain growth in numbers and in the quality

of the events the group held. She also launched a successful AV industry mentoring scheme. When she

fell ill, she added resilience to all her other amazing attributes, she didn’t shrink back but continued

to be a beacon of positivity on-line and face to face and even championed the cause for others who

suffered with illness and disability as she did. When finally she knew that her days with us were few

in number, she showed us not how to die gracefully but how to live well, not an extreme bucket list

but being present every day to enjoy the simple pleasures that she loved in life, and sharing these

with her many friends.

Her last public industry appearance was at the AV Awards where she stayed all night, blinged up her

walker frame and continued to defy the cruelty of her illness with her wonderful smile.

The Women in AV group Abigail worked so hard to grow will continue with a new management team

to carry on her work and promote a forum for women and people from underrepresented and

diverse groups within the industry.

Let’s take the baton from Abigail and shine a light of positivity on those around us every day, as she

always did for us, that would be a beautiful legacy for a beautiful human being.

And then Kevin Quick of IVC Technologies.

Kevin was only diagnosed with cancer in the summer and sadly passed away on Thursday 28th November.

I knew Kevin very well during my time at Morgan Stanley. IVC were already suppliers when I joined in 2000 and Kevin was one of the engineers we worked with regularly over my 18 years there.

Kevin was an incredible engineer, listened to the client and always offered ideas, whether for technical design or process solutions for project delivery, and he generally did this with a smile on his face.

Kevin’s involvement in a project was generally a sign of an easy ride and of a successful outcome.

He was a quirky unassuming character with a great love for Thailand where he travelled regularly.

He will be sorely missed by his colleagues at IVC, those he touched during his 36 year career in AV and the industry at large.

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