I had been aware of the AV User Group for some time but for various reasons I had not had a chance to engage with it.

I finally got the chance to sign up and attend as a user group meeting coincided with another meeting I had at the QEII in London.

What first struck me was the wide range of sectors that members came from. I am in the live events industry but the members I have met are from many other sectors such as education & corporate. This is a useful opportunity to understand and learn from others experiences in different contexts and see a problem and its solution from a different perspective.

The talks from manufacturers and vendors are well varied and whilst there are usually one or two items on the agenda that get my attention before the meeting it has often been something unexpected that has proved to be a revelation during the course of the afternoon. This of course means I dare not leave early now for fear of missing a gem.

The focused nature of the event and the desire from the speakers to deliver relevant and engaging content rather than a sales pitch sets the event apart from many I have attended over the years.

Whilst the refreshments offered are welcome at the end of the day the space created at this time to meet and discuss in more depth with the speakers is an equally important part of the event and the level of engagement here by the vendors and manufacturers is a good indicator of the value they get from this too.

All in all a thoroughly well-conceived and executed event and one I look forward to participating in for a long time to come.

Richard Lloyd

Technical & ICT Operations Manager, Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)

The AV user group has been a great asset for me and Church House AV. The meetings are always diverse in their content, engaging and keep the whole group at the forefront of technology by highlighting new products and services within the industry. As well as working with other industry groups such as Infocomm, sponsoring visits to key industry events such as ISE and the AV Awards.

The variety of manufacturers, and demonstration of products that the AV user group attracts from across the globe really has helped me to define a route to advance our projects The group attracts key manufacturing professionals across the industry who share their knowledge, demonstrate new products, services . The website hosts a VOD service means that if you cannot attend or you wish to review a meeting or part of a meeting to gain more detail on a product then you can.

The group includes time for networking which is very valuable, giving you the chance to interact and to talk in-depth with presenters and manufacturers about new products and understand the way in which they could fit in to the work I do and also to catch up with other key Managers in similar roles.

Overall the group has really helped me visualise and develop a pathway and strategy for capital investment for the future of Church House AV, as well as keeping in touch with all of the latest technology and industry trends.

Ian Locke

Audio Visual Manager, ChurchHouse Conference Centre

I've been attending AV User Group meetings for several years now and I've found the group to be an inspiration to me in my professional life. It's great to meet my peers and share our challenges, discover road maps from manufacturers and get in on industry secrets.

I've been to awards ceremonies (courtesy of the group), made new contacts, gained valuable insights and learnt valuable lessons which would otherwise have been difficult or impossible. A truly fantastic resource, a great chance to be a part of something positive

Matt Thompson

AV Technical Manager, Royal College of Surgeons

Harper Adams University joined the group back in 2012. Since that point, we have attended most of the quarterly meetings hosted in a wide range of extremely interesting and varied locations. Being able to be informed about, investigate and scrutinise systems and ideas in an unpressurised environment has proved invaluable to us.

Duncan Gunn-Russell

Systems Delivery Audio Visual Co-Ordinator, Harper Adams University

I have been a member of the AV User group for over 5 years, I regularly attend the quarterly meetings and I find this an extremely worthwhile use of my time. I get to network with 20-30 other AV/IT professionals that hold similar roles if different organisations both private and public sector.

Steve French

Vice President | Solution Architect Lead, Deutsche Bank


Can I just say that last nights network drinks was the very best one yet, well done!

The following made it all worthwhile: -

  • Met new end user xxxx at Citi who is keen for me to come down and talk through our products
  • Met potential supplier, xxxxx, who are very keen on us and were impressed with how many people new us and spoke highly of our technical and support abilities - I'm glad we have that reputation.
  • Re engaged with xxxx from Credit Suisse.
  • Talked to consultants
  • Talked to customers
  • Had a great laugh with your team


Andrew Popely

Sales Director, Tukans Ltd

We've found the entire AVUG experience to be well worth the time and expense, so we definitely want to make sure we get on board for next year for any territories that you may have. Also, I'm always on board to help you in any way possible.

Joey D'Angelo

Director, Systems Solutions, QSC

On behalf of myself & James, I just wanted to thank you all very much for hosting and accommodating us yesterday at the AVUG meeting.

We really appreciated all your efforts, especially in the background to provide all the facilities that made it possible for the presentations and the whole event to run smoothly, which indeed in did.

We were very pleased with the response and feedback we received during and after our presentation, with some additional interest developed during the network drinks session.

Now looking forward to following up on individual members' requests and enquiries.

Steve Sear

Managing Director, Standapart

We very much enjoyed the AV User Group event in NYC yesterday evening. Fantastic venue, great conversations, and a very diverse group. We look forward to the next one.

Theresa Hahn

Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, Verrex Corporation